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Sadek Jabr Sadek Jabr
Y1 yearlong CS instructor, Jerusalem

Sadek has a BA degree in computer science and business from Birzeit University. He graduated from MEET in 2009, and has been involved as a mentor since then. Sadek lives in Jerusalem and is now working as a software developer at Progineer Technologies and as a Project Consultant for "Code For Palestine", a program for youth in the West Bank and in Gaza for studying CS.

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Nizar Elias Nizar Elias
Y1 yearlong CS instructor, Nazareth

Nizar is currently studying for a degree in Software Engineering in the Technion, Haifa. He has passion for computer science, and he is currently working on one of his startup ideas.

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Ohad Dan Ohad Dan
Y2 yearlong CS instructor, Jerusalem

Ohad holds a B.Sc in Computer science and M.Sc in computational neuroscience from the Hebrew University. He is a cool cat and he has been teaching computer science in academia for the past 5 years. When he is not at MEET, Ohad works on his PhD, devising algorithmic frameworks to model decision making, and consult to start-ups on interesting data-science problems.

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