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Haim Erlich Haim Erlich

Haim Erlich provides executive leadership in all aspects of MEET’s program design and implementation, bringing his rich background in organizational leadership and many years as an educator to MEET. Prior to MEET, Haim was the CEO of Yesh Din where he helped expand the organization. Previously, he was the Coordinator for Development and Policy Advocacy for Ir Amim and the National Education Manager of the Hila Program for Disaffected Youth. For seven years, Haim was the Principal of the Nisui High School, one of Israel’s best and most unique high schools.

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Mustafa Hussein Mustafa Hussein
Program Manager

Mustafa Hussein leads MEET’s highly selective recruitment process and student program. Under his leadership, MEET consistently recruits a deeply diverse and talented applicant pool comprised of the region’s top students and young leaders. Mustafa co-developed and implements MEET’s Deeper Understanding curricula. Mustafa is qualified as a Computer Graphics Engineer, and previously worked for the Children Cancer Unit at Hadassah, Ein Karem Hostipal. Beyond MEET, Mustafa’s interests include photography and graphic design.

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Ada Harverd Ada Harverd

Ada Harverd works closely with MEET’s CEO to manage resource development, and administrative, logistical, financial and legal responsibilities which allows MEET to run effectively and efficiently. Ada has experience in the Israeli high-tech world and has previously worked at G.ho.st, an Israeli-Palestinian joint-venture start-up, among others. Ada has a B.A. from Brandeis University. Outside of MEET, Ada enjoys time with her husband and three children, baking and long-distance running.

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Rakheli Hever Rakheli Hever
Development Manager

Rakheli manages MEET's relationships with local foundations/corporations and with international foundations, corporations and governments with local representation. Along with Etai, she is responsible for all aspects of cultivating and reporting to existing donors, as well as for researching and approaching new contacts. Previously, Rakheli served as MEET's liaison to USAID, one of MEET's greatest supporters, and managed all aspects of compliance related to USAID-funded programming, as well contributing to the RD team via writing reports and funding applications. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and has over 10 years of experience in resource development and in content and copy editing. Her hobbies include reading, sugarcraft, and making bad puns.

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Roni Kipnis Roni Kipnis
Evaluation and Information Coordinator

Roni holds a BA in international relations, communication and journalism from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and an MA in sociology of organizations for social change in Tel Aviv University. She has extensive experience working with teenagers, having volunteered as a counselor and coordinator for the Bnei HaMoshvavim youth movement. On her spare time, Roni is a Rugby Sevens player and a referee.

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Etai Freedman Etai Freedman
Development Director

Etai is responsible for MEET’s overseas donor relations, fundraising and creative development strategies. He has previously served in campaigning, resource development and advisory capacities at a variety of organizations and projects, including Burning Man, the New Israel Fund, the Global Hunger Foundation, Bienvenidos, and the San Francisco Children’s Day School. He graduated with honors from San Francisco State University (B.A. in Psychology), and holds an M.B.A. in Nonprofit Management from the American Jewish University in Los Angeles, CA.

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Ahmed Hasna Ahmed Hasna
RD Associate

Ahmed works closely with the RD team to explore cooperation opportunities, help cultivate donors, and organize fundraising campaigns. He also manages MEET’s website and social media presence. Ahmed earned a B.A. degree in Businesses Administration and International Relations and is a Teaching Assistant at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and is currently pursuing an M.A. in Political Economy and International Institutions at HU. He has extensive experience working in the Palestinian NGO scene, strategizing and developing various projects and programs. Offline, Ahmed enjoys trivia competitions, cheering his heart out for Real Madrid C.F., and making unhealthy dietary decisions.

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Celina Mukarker Celina Mukarker
Jerusalem Student Program Coordinator

With her friend and colleague Naomi, Celina coordinates MEET's Alumni Program and has played a cruical role in its recent redesign and relaunch. Since she graduated from MEET's Student Program in 2013, Celina has been studying accounting at the Bethlehem University.

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Ahmad Anati Ahmad Anati
Jerusalem Student Program Coordinator

Ahmad coordinates various aspects of MEET’s Student Program at our Jerusalem hub. He holds a B.A. in Political Science from Al Quds University in East Jerusalem. He has extensive background in project and program coordination, including at the Al Quds Charitable Society, Hokkaido Medical Institution, and the Palestinian Child Club. He has a rich record of volunteer work at the Shufat refugee camp. He was also a participant in the Seeds for Peace program, which awarded him the title of Peace Ambassador in the Middle East in 2007.

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Natalie Howard Natalie Howard
Nazareth Student Program Coordinator

Natalie serves as one of the Student Program coordinators at MEET’s Nazareth hub. She has served in various coordination roles at Tevel B’Tzedek, an Israeli organization that fosters Israeli and Jewish leadership engaged in making the world a better place, both locally and globally. Among her other roles at Tevel she volunteered for a year at a village in Nepal, empowering local women. Natalie additionally filled administrative positions at Beit Berl College, as well as educational roles at Tuviyahu High School in Be’er Sheva, Kibbutz Eyal, Yedidim, and HaMahanot HaOlim youth movement. Among her surprising talents: she speaks Nepalese and Thai!

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Moshiko Ben Giat Moshiko Ben Giat
MEETx Manager

Moshiko leads the MEETx Program, a new initiative aiming to expand MEET program to all of Israel/Palestine. Previously, he served as a naval officer for 8 years in various leadership, technological and innovative positions. Experienced team leader, including building and managing high performing teams in complex environments. Moshiko holds a B.A. in Political Science and Economics from the University of Haifa. Outside of MEET, Moshiko's interests are photography and long distance running

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Rawan Abulafi Rawan Abulafi
Alumni Program Manager

Rawan, who graduated from MEET in 2011, is responsible for devising, implementing and evaluating strategic plans for MEET’s Alumni Network, as well as for financial and content management of alumni programming. Her previous experience at MEET includes organizing an alumni event and mentoring TAs in 2015, and serving as a Coordinator during the 2017 Summer Program. Rawan holds a B.A. in Architecture from the Applied Science University in Jordan.

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Abed Abu Rmeileh Abed Abu Rmeileh
Logistics Manager

Abdelrahman "Abed" Abu Rmeileh manages MEET's all aspects of logistics for our Jerusalem Hub and our Student Program. Abed is a multi-lingual Palestinian from Jerusalem, and holds an M.A. in Business and Economics from Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus. He has extensive procurement and logistics experience acquired at local and international companies and non-profits, and a strong background in finance, business, economics, and management. He is also the brother of one of MEET's alumni, and possibly Chelsea FC's biggest supporter.

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Lour Hayek Lour Hayek
MEETx Student Program Coordinator

Graduated with a double-major in Psychology and English Language and Literature from the University of Haifa. Currently a student of a Master's degree in English language and literature. Experience in the field of education, since she's been working at an English centre for two years now as well as volunteered at a centre for kids that come from difficult backgrounds.

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Tasneem Morshed Tasneem Morshed
Student Program Coordinator - Nazareth

Tasneem is a student program coordinator in MEET, who works closely with students in the Nazareth hub. She recently started her Master's degree in English Literature at The University of Haifa, after finishing her bachelor's in said subject in addition to Asian Studies. Tasneem also speaks 4 languages, so if you speak Korean, make sure to say Hi!

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Yara Aun Yara Aun
Student Program Coordinator - Nazareth

Yara works as a student program coordinator in the Nazareth hub, mainly facilitating the students' needs and co-leading sessions of Deeper Understanding with an awesome team of coordinators. After finishing her B.A in English language and minoring in the Gender Studies field, and having the experience of working in Baladna organisation and leading groups of Palestinian teenagers on different topics, it is time for a new, bi-national challenge

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Kelsey Chan Kelsey Chan
MISTI-MEET Student Coordinator

Kelsey grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area but has spent the past few years at MIT studying computer science. She spent January 2017 in Jerusalem and Nazareth helping out with the yearlong program and absolutely loved working with the brilliant high school students on their programming projects. Since returning back to MIT, she has taken on the new challenge of spreading the word about MEET at MIT and preparing future instructors for their next great adventure in the Middle East. When she’s not doing MEET-related activities, you can find her teaching middle school girls how to program with MIT CodeIt.

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