About MEET


Our mission is to educate and empower tomorrow’s most promising Palestinian and Israeli leaders to take action towards creating positive political and social impact in the Middle East.

MEET aims to break the long-held misconceptions Israelis and Palestinians have of each other to foster cooperation and understanding among the youth that are likely future leaders of our region. Here’s why our approach is unique:

  • MEET harnesses the students’ interests in technology creating a process in which mutual respect and understanding comes from working together and accomplishing tangible real-world goals.
  • MEET uses technology and entrepreneurship to create a common language between Israelis and Palestinians that can be translated into future cooperation between the communities.
  • MEET is an environment in which the pursuit of excellence and creative thinking are paramount.
  • MEET works to sustain participant relationships over long periods of time. Our three-year curriculum takes place entirely within the realities of the region. An intensive summer program in Jerusalem led by instructors from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is amplified by Palestinian and Israeli MEET mentors who work throughout the year with the students so they may further develop their projects and build on their relationships with one another.


We envision a Middle East where Palestinians and Israelis are equal, live in dignity and freedom, and work together to ensure that our shared future is peaceful, fair and just.

Middle East Education through Technology (MEET), is founded on the belief that Israeli and Palestinian youth need to develop common ground between them, where they can meet and discover their cultures, their similarities, their differences — their humanity. MEET’s educational excellence model is conducted under the premise that the futures of the Palestinian and Israeli peoples are intertwined. Coming together through MEET and gaining practical tech and business skills as well as leadership experience, Palestinian and Israeli participants are not accepting the status quo but rather actively working to change it by gaining the knowledge, skills, and ability to work together and individually to ensure a better future. MEET facilitates that common ground through an innovative educational environment, for Israeli and Palestinian high school students to learn to look at one another not only as fellow individuals, but even as potential partners.

The MEET model is one that is encountered in business around the world, where every day professionals work together to advance goals within culturally and politically diverse environments. Identities are reframed around professional interests rather than political ideologies, and stereotypes gradually begin to take a back seat to cooperation and relationship building. Participants will be attracted to MEET for the tangible skills it will instill in them: computer science, leadership and entrepreneurship. But they will leave MEET with those skills as well as something much more powerful: the tools to make a difference in their communities and beyond, together.