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Embracing Teamwork

82% of students better understand the perspective of people from the other nationality

95% of students are willing to work with people from the other nationality

Striving for Excellence

90% of students report increased CS and entrepreneurship capacity

87% of students feel more confident about CS

Y1 entrepreneurship curriculum revised to emphasize critical thinking

Leading by

alumni took ownership of running the alumni program and the pilot

MEET executive board joined by three alumni

70% of yearlong coordinators, instructors and TAs are alumni

Since 2004, MEET alumni have taken steps as young leaders in their personal and professional lives. Alumni have launched 15 ventures that address real-world problems, in both uni-national and bi-national teams (see more in “MEET our projects”). They have scaled up volunteer efforts by applying their technology and entrepreneurial skills to local charities. Alumni have been accepted to high profile universities across the globe, from MIT (8 alumni accepted so far) to Cambridge (2 alumni) and Harvard (1 alumnus), as well as prestigious local universities such as Bethlehem (10 alumni) and Hebrew University (11 alumni).

Moreover, aside from entering prestigious universities, developing startups with a social/political impact, taking leadership positions in local charities and initiating community projects to improve Palestinian-Israeli relations, alumni have focused on giving back to MEET. From 2004 onward, 39 alumni have volunteered in the student program - both during the summer intensive and during the yearlong program, to help the next generation of Palestinian and Israeli leaders learn tools to take action towards positive change in our region.

Alumni are taking steps as leaders by initiating ventures with a positive impact, attending prestigious universities, and giving back to their communities and MEET.

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