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MEET’s programs harness teamwork and cutting-edge technology education to foster innovative problem solving in tomorrow’s leaders. The MEET model comprises two stages: the Student Program, which runs parallel to high school over the course of three years; and the Alumni Program, which fosters ongoing bi-national networking, professional enrichment and venture creation for graduates.

student program

MEET ’s Student Program is a 3-year educational program comprised of two complementary components: three summer intensives held at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and taught by MIT instructors, and two yearlong programs conducted simultaneously at the meet hubs in Jerusalem and Nazareth. The curriculum is 40% computer science, 40% entrepreneurship, and 20% deeper understanding and leadership. The entire program is conducted in English. All students are required to commit to three years totaling 600 academic hours. MEET has a retention rate of 82% from Year1 to Year3.

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In their three years at MEET, students learn:

Technology - Python Basics, Django Basics, JS, AJAX, Design, Data Structures

Entrepreneurship - Ideation, Business Plan, Marketing, Presentation Skills, Product Development, Negotiation, Persuasion, Budgeting, Financial Management

Leadership - Critical Thinking, Communication, Teamwork, Goal Setting, Problem Solving, Respect, Equality

Deeper Understanding - Identity, Conflict Resolution, Narrative, Stereotypes, Dialogue

alumni program

The Alumni Program mobilizes a sustainable network of change makers. In order to keep alumni connected to each other and to MEET, the Alumni Program focuses on three pillars: socially-minded enterprises, professional development and bi-national networking. 72% of MEET graduates are active in the Alumni Program and over 75% are based in the Middle East.

Graduates launch socially-minded ventures in the MEET Venture Lab in partnership with Google Launchpad and with 3DayStartup, scale up volunteer efforts harnessing their technology skills, develop professional networks and skills through the MEET Mentoring Program, connect regularly through conferences and workshops, and give back by teaching at MEET hubs. The Alumni Program is led the MEET team including two MEET alumni. 


11 ventures launched in the MEET Venture Lab, in partnership with Google


8 bi-national projects launched through 3DayStartup tackling issues like media bias, ecology, and sharing economies


29 mentor-mentee relationships between Israelis, Palestinians and internationals through the MEET Mentoring Program and workshops

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