vision & mission - MEET - Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

what if the next generation of Israeli and Palestinian leaders had a history of working together, using innovative problem solving to make positive change in the Middle East?

Our mission is to educate and empower tomorrow’s most promising Palestinian and Israeli leaders to take action towards creating positive social and political impact in the Middle East.

We envision a Middle East where Palestinians and Israelis are equal, live in dignity and freedom, and work together to ensure that our shared future is peaceful, fair and just. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is arguably one of the most complex and contentious international disputes of our time. MEET is founded on the belief that the lives of Palestinians and Israelis are inherently intertwined - we share common resources like water and land. However, the current isolation, dehumanization and unequal access to skills between the sides has led
Palestinians and Israelis to lose hope and become apathetic to each other's needs and fears. With growing disillusionment on both sides, cultivating cross-border relationships is now harder and more pressing than ever. A peaceful and economically successful future will depend on our ability to generate a motivated cadre of leaders prepared, committed and able to work collectively to address the complex issues of their individual and collective societies. This is the future we are creating at MEET.

what makes MEET unique?

Long term

3 years, 600 academic hours, plus ongoing alumni network in the Venture Lab and more


all programs are in Jerusalem or Nazareth, so MEET is integrated into our students’ daily lives rather than removed from the realities of the status quo


MIT volunteer instructors teach computer science, entrepreneurship, and leadership

Equal representation

220+ students and 435 alumni, 50% girls, 50% boys; 50% Palestinians, 50% Israelis

Excelling students

800+ applicants from 11 cities in Israel and the West Bank, 10% acceptance rate

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